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Technology and the Developing Brain:

Adolescents and Smartphones Workshop

for parents, teachers, and other professionals

April 7, 2018

10:30 A.M. to Noon

Oak Room East

How does smartphone usage impact the adolescents in your life? What does research show, and how can we support our children in developing digital responsibility? Join us for a discussion with experts in neuroscience, educational technologies, and psychology to learn more about how smartphones and other technology affects our teens'--our and own--lives.

Workshop Agenda:

Adolescents, Addictive Technology and Multitasking:   Dr. Lin Lin, Professor of Learning Technologies, UNT

 Technology and the Brain:    Dr. Thomas Parsons, Professor of Psychology, UNT

How Can Smartphones Support Mental Health in Youth? A Look at Mental Health Apps for Depression and Resilience.":  Dr. Jennifer Hughes, Assistant Professor of Psychology, UTSW



"One of the most useful skills for children and adolescents to acquire will be the ability to effectively use this universe of information—to critically evaluate the data, to discern signal from noise, to synthesize the content, and to apply it to real-world problem solving.”  - Dr. Jay Giedd, NIH


This workshop is free, but registration is required. Register here

 From the UTA graduate Mind, Brain and Education classes of Dr. Evie Malaia:


A Neuroscience Primer

based on research conducted at the Research and Learning Center

Neuro Gifts for Elementary


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