SKYLINE for Spring 2015

Compiled by the Noble Planetarium Staff

Upcoming Sky Events

Happy New Year to all sky watchers! I hope this year brings many clear nights and fun sky adventures! It will definitely be a fun Solar and Lunar year, what with the eclipses we can view from Texas in 2015. Here are the details of those eclipses.

April 4th, 2015: Partial Lunar Eclipse from 4AM - 7AM

September 27th, 2015: Total Lunar Eclipse from 7:30PM - 12:30AM

Fort Worth Astronomical Society

This local group will help you find the answers to all your astronomy related questions.  

Look online on their webpage:

Noble PlanetariumWhat's happening in the Planetarium?

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Black Holes show on Sundays, we’ve added something new to your viewing experience. Ever heard of autotune?

Look online for details about these shows:

Planetary Postings

  • Venus & Mercury – Venus and Mercury appear faintly above the western horizon at sunset throughout most of January.  

  • Mars Can be found in the west over the horizon after sunset in the constellation of Aries the ram. Mars will then move into and then out of the constellation of Aquarius by the end of January.

  • Jupiter – Will be visible in the east in the early morning sky between the constellations of Leo the lion and Cancer the crab. It will stay there all month. 

  • Saturn - Is returning to the pre-dawn sky early this month in the constellation of Libra the scale.

Lunar Line-up:             

Full Moon:           January 4

Last Quarter:       January 13

New Moon:          January 20

First Quarter:        January 27

Star Parties return in March 2015


If you would like a fun way to navigate the night sky just go to: Uncle Al provides free and easy to use star wheels that you can download and print at home.

For more information about the night sky, contact the Noble Planetarium at 817-255-9409 or

Fun Fact
The rolling loop projector--the heart of the IMAX film system--was invented in the 1960's by Ron Jones, a machinist and camera builder from Brisbane, Australia.

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