Space Day
Saturday, May 13 | 10 AM - 4 PM

Visit the Noble Planetarium and Museum exhibits, and join us for an out-of-this-world adventure as you learn more about Earth, the moon and beyond!

Try exciting hands-on activities where you can:

  • Create a solar system that fits in your pocket.

  • Explore icy orbs that could teach us about life outside Earth.

  • Discover how the Earth, moon and sun work together to create eclipses like the one occurring this summer!

  • Travel around the solar system and beyond in the Noble Planetarium.

  • Pilot a Mars Rover over Martian terrain, and learn about this fascinating planet with the Dallas Mars Society.

Planetarium Schedule for Space Day

10:30 AM | Big Birds Adventure
11:15 AM | Our Amazing Solar System
12:00 PM | Big Birds Adventure
1:10 PM | Countdown to Totality
1:30 PM | Countdown to Totality
2:00 PM | Texas Sky Tonight
3:00 PM | Our Amazing Solar System
4:00 PM | Texas Sky Tonight

Activities and Planetarium shows are included with Museum exhibit admission. Become a member to experience this special event for free.

Volunteer support provided by Dallas Mars Society, Fort Worth Astronomical Society and National Space Society of North Texas.








Want to continue learning at home? Check out these favorite links from the Noble Planetarium staff!


Fun Fact

Peter D. Parks was awarded the Gordon E. Sawyer Award at the 2003 Academy Awards for his work on Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure.

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